Company profile

Standard Promotion Co.,Ltd.

was established in 1988 by a group of marketing professionals. The company has gone through the years of growth and diversification. With our more than 26 years of experience and proficiency in distribution, we have come to understand and are more concerned about the needs of our customers in various fields. We are currently handling different product lines to cater to our different customers needs.

Our overall company policy is centered on satisfying the customers demand. Among the essential areas of emphasis, the four key areas are quality, value, services and variety.


We always pay close attention to the product lines we carry to make sure that the workmanship is consistent and of fine quality. It is our strict policy to carry only products that are food grade, recyclable, and non-toxic. We also employ strict quality control to ensure that our products are up to standard.


We concentrate on making sure that our customers receive the best value for their money. We always keep adding value to our product lines through design and new product development.


Our services start from fast response. We provide timely samples and custom samples making. Statistically, our delivery is always punctual. Our documentation is precise and all our after sales services are conducted in a timely manner.


As we do carry a wide variety of items in our product lines for the customers to choose from, we are flexible and able to delivery many items in accordance with the customers demand.

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